Soap & Co Mineral Peeling Gel Review

Skin care is something I always tell myself I want to do but never act on. If I’m going to do something, I usually want it to work overnight (an unrealistic expectation). Until now, I’ve never been able to find something that I can actually feel a difference after using. After using the Soap & Co Mineral Peeling Gel once I was shocked at the difference it made after sitting on my skin for less than a minute.

Soap & Co had a stand in Westfield, where they pulled me and my friend over and sampled their products on our wrists. The skin peel was the most effective thing there for me, and I went away to find the price for it online. I didn’t want to pay £60 for the bottle without knowing if it works long term, so I found it being resold for cheaper online.

While I was searching around for the product (which you can’t buy online) I saw someone comment on another review stating that they believed the product didn’t work, and that the ‘skin’ you see is actually just ingredients of the product drying up. I don’t know if this is true, however I can say for certain that what comes off my skin is a dark colour while the gel is clear, so it definitely picks up something.

You just put the gel on your face for roughly a minute and then rub to peel it off as I’ve demonstrated on my wrist below:

IMG_1516.JPG IMG_1520.JPG


I haven’t tried mineral peels from any other brand, so I can’t say whether it’s this specific product or mineral peels in general. All I can say is that it has made my skin softer than I have ever remembered it being!


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