Recent Boohoo Purchases

Apologies for the lack of posting! I started this blog towards the end of my first uni semester and Christmas, meaning everything got a bit crazy around the same time. However, I am now back with a Boohoo delivery to show you. Coming to the end of my student loan, I only bought three items, but really liked and am keeping them all!

The first item I saw was a khaki Boohoo petite dress for £12. Being 5’2”, dresses this length are usually impossible for me to find, but this one fits nicely and with long sleeves is great for the winter.

Next was a camel duster coat for £8. I’ve been wanting something this colour for a while, and have been adding it to black outfits to give them more character. For the price, this one was a bargain.


My last purchase were the black trousers shown below, and these cost me £10. I ordered my size, but they do fall down when I try to wear them high waisted. For £10 though, I’m happy to put a small stitch in the waist myself. I also really like the fact they have pockets.

So I’m happy with my purchases overall. If you’ve know of any other items or places I could shop online, let me know as I’m sure I’ll be right there when my next loan comes through!



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