How I DIY My False Nails

Hi guys!

This week I wanted to tell you about the false nails I posted on my instagram recently:


For me, painting my nails just isn’t worth the hassle; from smudging no matter how long I leave them to chipping within a couple of days or just not looking smooth as I can’t paint them fast enough.Β So, I ordered a stack of false nails from eBay, and you can over around 600 nails for Β£5 in a variety of shapes – which to me is an incredible price considering the cost of getting your nails done!

The first step I take it to detach the nails from the fish-bone structure if they are connected to one, and find the closest fit to my own nails.

Then, as I have small hands, I use a nail file to make the nails thinner equally on both sides, and then as an optional step I file and buff the surface of the base of the nail to make it thinner and therefore look more like a natural nail.

After this step I had to get creative. Once you paint the nails they need to be kept untouched so they can dry without smudging. To do this,Β you can either use cotton buds or toothpicks and attach some blue tack underneath the nail and stick the nail to the toothpick. You can then hold this while you paint the nail to avoid smudging it, and once painted rest these in a pot where they can stand up to dry.

I would suggest doing more than one coat as the nails can sometimes look opaque when they aren’t, to test this hold them up to the light and see if it shines through.

Once the nails are painted you should leave them overnight in order to let them fully dry, the beauty of this is because they aren’t attached you don’t have to worry about not touching things for a long amount of time.

When they are dry you can use nail glue to stick them on, mine lasted a week before they started to come off and they’re reusable so you can build up a collection of colours!

Let me know if you have any tips and tricks involving false nails, or show me yours by tagging me on instagram @overnightbelle

Thanks for reading,

Overnight Belle


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