March Empties

What better way to share what I think of a product than using the whole thing first? I’ve kept my empty products around to remind myself to share my opinions on them!

First up I have my jar of coconut oil.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the hype around coconut oil but personally I haven’t had the miraculous results that many claim to have had. While the oil is moisturising, most of the time I find myself just reaching for a moisturisers because it is less messy. I also tried to use this oil as a deep conditioner a couple of times, but on top of it being too hard to get out, I didn’t actually see any improvement in my hair each time.


Secondly I have my Ted Baker perfumes, which I bought on a 3 for 2 sale at Boots, making 3 bottles an incredible Β£5 altogether. They have lasted me ages due to the multiple bottles and have an amazing scent. One thing I always sued to find was that I would spray perfume and not long later the scent would be gone, however with this perfume I can trust it to last.


I also have my Body Shop moisturiser. This one smells nice and is very moisturising, however is quite thick so can feel a bit heavy on the skin. Despite this, it has worked great for me especially as I was using it in winter when my skin was at its driest.


I bought Nair hair removal cream just to see if it would work for me, with low expectations. I hose this over Veet as it was at least half the price for the same amount of product. I tried it on my arm first just to see how it worked, and I was pleasantly surprised, but was left with a bald patch on my arm so decided to use it on the rest of my arms to which my skin came up in a bit of a rash. I still decided to go ahead and use it on my legs since I assumed I had just left it on my arms for too long. I watched the time carefully and ended up with great results!



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