My horrible Foot Locker experience | Story time

Hi guys, I wanted to share my experience with a brand I’m sure many of you know, and that’s Foot Locker. I’m putting this story out there as a warning to shoppers, as there are many footwear stores out there and I would much rather go to one of the, now I have experienced the customer service, if you can call it that, that I did.

This started when I ordered a pair of shoes online. I ordered them in a 5 as although I’m a 4, I tried on a size 5 pair and they felt right. However, when mine came they felt was bigger and I could barely walk in them so I thought, not a problem I’ll exchange them in store. I went to the till and asked for an exchange at which point the staff member seemed completely uninterested but it was fine, she was doing her job, no problem.
She explained that they didn’t have a size 4 pair but would give me the display pair. I agreed to this, as far as I was concerned they would be a new pair of shoes, because why would a store offer me anything less than that when I’d originally paid for a brand new pair? I also didn’t understand when she demanded I pay Β£2 for a new pair of shoelaces. If they’re a new pair of shoes, why should I pay extra for my new shoes to have new laces, I thought. But never mind, I declined and took the exchanged pair with me.
I got home and had my first look at my new shoes. I was disgraced. My new white adidas superstars were stained yellow from what I can only assume was dirty feet, and had blue paint splattered on them, and I can’t even think how that got there but I was more concerned with why the lady at the till thought that was an acceptable exchange. So, I emailed customer service and asked if I could return them to which they gave me the quick and polite email that basically said yes, I could.

I went in the next day and the same woman was still there. I asked to return the shoes, not thinking it was a problem. She seemed to take offence to the fact I was trying to return shoes she sold me, and got aggressive instantly. This gave me an anxiety attack in the store but I held my ground as I knew I was right and had proof I could return them.
I told her the customer service team had emailed me saying I could return them, to which she looked at me as if I was stupid and said “I don’t care.”, in fact she said that to me three times before telling me to “go away”. There was also a man working that day, and he suggested I come back tomorrow when the manager was in. I assume he was trying to save his friend’s job, but I had every right to be served. I wish I had recorded the instance but I didn’t know people with such attitudes would even be hired to work with the public. I took her name and left.
Her attitude shook me up and so I emailed the customer service team again with her name and what had happened. I got a reply saying they are obliged to return my item and to tell them to call him if there are any issues and he would talk them through the process. At this point all I could think was that she was having to be treated like a child by her superiors and I still couldn’t believe she had gotten the job in the first place when so many people struggle to. He also had an investigation launched on the woman who served me which I appreciate greatly, but told me I was not allowed to be told the outcome under confidentiality laws which is understandable.
So, when I went back a third time she was not there and the man from my second visit served me. He was very polite and gave me a gift card. I asked him why my money couldn’t be refunded into my bank and he said that the woman had printed my receipt in a way that didn’t the correct details for him to be able to do that, as if she hadn’t made my return hard enough already.
At present, I still don’t have my shoes as I cannot use the gift card online and they aren’t in stock in stores, but luckily they don’t expire and so I can use it in the future. I don’t like to be so negative but this has been a nightmare and if sharing this helps prevent it happening to you then that’s great. I’ve shopped at other footwear stores and had no problem at all, for reference. If you’d run into trouble like I did, just make sure you know your rights and be persistent!
Speak soon x



  1. Can’t believe this happened to you! Some people who work in retail are so nasty and horrid, how they get jobs working with customers is beyond me! Hope that you get these shoes soon!! I’ve asked for a pair for my birthday, so fingers crossed they don’t turn out bad too! X


    1. It was a pain, thank you, I’m heading to Oxford street soon in hopes that bigger stores will have them haha. I hope they turn out good! When I originally bought mine online they came fine so I would have had no trouble if they were the right size πŸ™‚ xx

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    1. I did get a gift card in the end! However months on I still have it as it can’t be used online and the shoes are never in stock 😦 thanks for reading!


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