How to See London in 4 Days


Recently I had one of my best friends, Hannah, visit me in London! She stayed for four nights and we packed so much in that it was as tiring as it was exciting. Since I had so much fun I thought it’d be nice to relive the memories and share some ideas of how to spend a trip to London with you all.

I’ve also linked to websites of places we visited where possible for those of you who are planning your own visit!


Day 1

For the first day, we booked a Jack the Ripper tour to take us around where the famous killer may have lived and committed his crimes. If you’re in to that sort of thing then this is definitely one to try! The one we went on had what they call Ripper Vision – this is where they use projectors to show you photos of the documents and victims (a bit gruesome but I loved it).

The only thing I’d suggest is would be to make sure you give yourself time to get there. We travelled on the tube and ended up being a bit late but luckily they were really nice about it and we managed to catch up with the group! If you’re interested in booking tickets to the same one I went to, this is their website here. This one’s also great if you’ve have a bit longer to visit and have seen all the landmarks and want to experience something bit different.


Day 2

On the first full day, we visited the Sky Garden and saw beautiful views of central London from up high. It was slightly smaller than I expected it to be, but for a free attraction you can’t really ask for much more! We had some lunch up there and carried on our way. It was more of a spontaneous day after that, and we walked through Borough Market towards the Tate.

Unfortunately it happened to be closed for the one day we were there, but it was nice to walk around and we ended up having a drink at The Anchor pub before heading over to the Clink Prison museum we had spotted earlier in the day. It’s so interesting in there and since you’re allowed to interact with the torture equipment they used back in the day it really brings in to life! I also couldn’t resist face-swapping with one of the models so you can see that below.


Day 3

We all wanted to visit the Natural History Museum, so that’s what we did on the third day. There’s something for everyone there and it’s so huge you can make a whole day of it if you want to. As another free attraction it’s surprising how much there is to see. They’ve also just opened their new dinosaur exhibit, so even though I’d been at the end of 2015 it was still interesting to go around and see new things.

After finishing there and spending almost as long in the gift shops, we went for dinner. Other than that, we were beginning to get tired from the amount of things we were doing so we decided to end our day there and relax in the evening.


Day 4

On Hannah’s last full day here we had to do the inevitable… Shopping! I wasn’t sure we’d make it to both but we managed to pack in Camden Market and Oxford Street in a day. I always love a visit to Camden, it has a lovely atmosphere and the street musicians never fail to impress me. I came out with 3 new rings and Hannah bough a ring, jumper and a cute pack of candles.

We ate lunch from a vegan falafel stand in the market. I wish I could remember what they were called because it was delicious and so filling for Β£5, but I’ll come back and update this if I can find out. Afterwards, we took in as much culture as we could before heading to Oxford Street. The two shops I’d most highly recommend if you’re in the area are the Namaste shop (the one with the huge sculpture of the elephant’s head) for their super cheap jewellery, incense and tapestries; and Cyber Dog (guarded by two giant robots) for their unique shopping experience and the crazy atmosphere inside the shop.

Going straight from Camden Town to Oxford Street seemed to be a bit of a culture shock as you walk out to endless historical-looking stone buildings. We visited the shops you you expect including Toyshop, New Look and Urban Outfitters (for the second time in a day as we also went to the one at Camden) and did our last bits of shopping before getting a drink and resting our legs at Costa.

I’m not 100% sure what was going on, but when we came out of Costa there were 3 men wandering the streets like a small marching band with drums and other instruments. At one point we were walking along right in front of them and it felt like they were playing us out – it was sort of like the Camden vibe had leaked into Oxford street!


Day 5

On Hannah’s last morning we just chilled out before going to the train station. I’m amazed how much we got done without feeling like we’d overdone it and burnt ourselves out. I’m sure she’ll be back at some point to finish off what we didn’t have time for, so I look forward to sharing more of our adventures.


As for me, I’ll be living here for at least the next 2 years while I finish my studies, so let me know any of your favourite spots or where you’d like me to visit and share in the comments!



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