Coconut Lane Haul & Storewide Discount Code

Hello all, it’s been a while! It’s been a bit of a rough time for me to blog but I thought today I would get back in to the swing of things with something I feel fully qualified in – shopping! And as it’s been so long I’d like to treat you by reminding you of the discount code I have for the shop I’m going to be talking about (the code in question is overnightbelle20).

To be totally transparent, I am an ambassador for the company hence the code, along with many other lovely people you can find by searching #coconutqueen on social media. They do give me a commission for when my code it used, just so you know, but it also gets you 20% off :). However, I did buy these items with my own money and speaking of which, am sure I will be back there shortly!

So, without further ado, I bought two items, the first one being my new phone case which is white with a banana plant print, a very on trend choice if I do say so myself. It’s a hard case with a good quality feel about it. There’s a slight bit of thickness to it which helps with protection, but no more than your average case and it doesn’t feel chunky.

A couple of days after purchasing the case I went out for my friends birthday – and I can tell you that is the ultimate test of strength for a phone case to endure! It survived many drops that I don’t think it would have without it, so it’s not just a pretty face (case?) – after all, I’ve been known to go through 4 screen repairs in a month before. Anyway, if you’re not into the design I got, there’s a load more so I’d definitely recommend checking them out. They retail for £7.50-£20 (£20 for the selfie cases) and mine was £18.

I also bought myself a MacBook skin while I was at it. I was going to go for the white marble one, but when I visited the website they’d just added a new line which I absolutely fell in love with! I went for the Neptune cover, which reminds me of a bold version of marble or, well, Neptune.

It’s basically a sticker that fits the lid of your Mac model with the apple cut out. At first I thought it didn’t fit, then realised I was just awful at sticking it down in the right direction – at least I can now tell you that peeling it off 10 times and getting a bit of fluff stuck to the adhesive won’t make it lose its stick – so this is foolproof even if you’re as clumsy as myself! Once again, this will also help save your Mac from scratches, so feels like a good investment for me after recently receiving a new Mac after accidentally destroying mine with a cup of tea. These also come in a range of beautiful designs that I had a hard time choosing between, and the skins retail for £16.50 but they also have some hard snap on cases for £28!

Once again, my code is overnightbelle20 and I’d love to see what you buy, so if you do make sure to tag me in your Instagram/Twitter posts – both @overnightbelle and you can shop here 🙂

Speak soon x



  1. I am actually a coconutqueen also but I keep forgetting to do my fair share of advertising, but it’s me that’s missing out on commission. I love the things you’ve bought. The phone case is particularly cute. I must have a browse on their website soon and see what kind of stuff they have for sale lately.


    PS: It was lovely to speak to you in the #lbloggers chat tonight!


    1. Nice to speak to a fellow coconut queen! Have you heard about the event they’re planning? So exciting! Anyway, yeah they’ve added some new things so it’s definitely worth checking out 🙂 Was great to meet you in the chat! X


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