I’m a Hoarder: Clear Out Your Wardrobe with Me


I’ve moved home for the summer and with my clothes spread across the floor, I realised I have too much. I don’t wear half of what I own, and they take up way more space than I have to spare. So, I’m taking you along on my journey to clear out my clothes and hopefully end the habit of keeping everything I own indefinitely.

For reference as to how many clothes I owned at the start of this journey, here’s me almost hidden behind them all, looking confused about how I got to this point:

13639535_1477678822259654_2140582167_o.jpgStep 1: Put only what you wear regularly into a pile and everything else in another

I like to trick myself into thinking I wear things I don’t when I’ve done this before. I have no idea why, but it was like I didn’t want to admit that I ignore most of my wardrobe. But by actually being honest with myself, I managed to see how much space I was taking up with clothes I don’t even necessarily like! I’ll show you below.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 14.57.36.png

On the left are things I don’t wear (even if I like them) and on the right are things I know I wear. If you don’t think that’s crazy, I don’t know what is. I moved the ‘wear’ pile out of the way and focused on the rest.

Step 2: Decide which items you want to give a second chance

I put some things in my ‘don’t wear’ pile that I’m just not ready to say goodbye to. Some of them even have the labels on! Until I make a definite decision, they’re joining my ‘keep’ pile.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 14.59.44.png

On the right are things I’m giving a second chance. This kind of balances out what I’m keeping and getting rid of to a 50:50 ratio. This is actually very good for me, I’m not mad about it.

Step 3: Separate what’s left in to two piles of things of things worth selling and the other for charity. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 15.01.18.png

On the right are things I will be selling. By all means, you can give the entire pile to charity. However, I have an account on Depop (it’s @cathyalexn if you’re interested) and am going to try and sell most of my items that are in good condition. Things that I am giving to charity include plain shirts that wouldn’t be worth the money selling; items that I don’t feel are in fashion enough to sell; and items that I got paint on – you can still give these away as charities can get money for the fabric!

I’m now left with three piles. One for keeping, one for selling and one for charity. It was so easy but I took far too long to get round to it.

What’s your best tip for organising clothes?

– Cathy x



  1. This is great! I’m moving house in a couple of days and while packing have realised that I have way too many clothes also, and shoes especially. I need a clear out too! One thing me and my friends do is clothes swapping, that always helps!


  2. Haha this is something I plan on doing this year! I work in a secondhand furniture shop and they also sell secondhand clothes, so I quiet often get a bit excited when I see good stuff come in that I might want. So much so I think I’ve got loads that I haven’t even gotten around to wearing yet. I plan on doing exactly what you’ve done and I’m sure I’ll be amazed at just how much I have too.

    Love Hannah xx



    1. Wow, I can only imagine how much great stuff comes in that people just don’t wear! I’d be constantly buying things and have twice as much as I do now! & I’m sure you will 🙂 xx


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