Does it work: A Straightening Hairbrush!?

Hair straightening has never been an easy task for me. It took me until I was 16 to ever own a straightener because I just figured my hair was too curly for it to work. In part, I was right, although maybe I just suck at it because I get bored and can’t be bothered to spend 2 hours for a mediocre job.

I did master it a couple of times, but my hair got so damaged from the high heat that most of the time it’s not worth doing. So, when my mum told me the other day that she’d bought a hair straightening brush, I thought ‘Great, I can finally save some time and know I’ve covered all my hair by passing it all through the brush!’ What a fantastic concept! It’s very common for me to get over excited when I think something will finally tame my hair, so let’s see how it got on…


So, here’s the brush. The brand is Quimat and the heat goes up to 230 degrees Celcius, which is what I used. The red dots are rubber ends to the heated bristles that stop you from burning your scalp. The settings are really easy to configure, you just hold down the power button to turn it on and then press + or – to alter the heat accordingly.

I started off by protecting my hair with my CHI Silk Infusion heat protectant. I always use this to straighten my hair regularly, so I guess this just adds to it being a fair test in comparison to my usual straighteners!



I sectioned off my hair into quarters and began by just brushing my hair like I usually would, not taking small sections or anything. I figured this wouldn’t give me the best result, but since it’s marketed as a hairbrush, why not see how it performs as one? Well, it tugged on my hair a lot and pulled quite a bit out, which was my first red flag. It also kept going up and down in temperature which I found really odd – maybe it just couldn’t handle my hair, but luckily I was using the highest temperature so it couldn’t go any higher than I set it. If I’d have had thinner hair it may no longer be with us. As for straightening performance, I did create tension in my hair to ensure it’d straighten better, and it loosened the curl but added a lot of frizz – I’ll show you below:



It could be worse, but my hair straighteners do the job a lot better at about the same rate. The one thing my straighteners do struggle with, though, is getting my roots. I’m never able to get that close to my scalp without burning myself and it just ruins the whole look, having curly roots making your straight ends go off in all directions. I had high hopes for the brush on this front because the bristles could reach my entire head right down to the root without burning me.


The brush performed okay at getting my roots, but not as well as my straighteners do. It worked the same amount as it did on the rest of my hair, and you’ve seen how that went. However, I didn’t burn myself once so I’ll give it a point for that.

13933483_1486970127997190_612704144_n 2.jpg


Have you ever seen anything like it?! This was after I ‘completed’ my hair. I think it speaks for itself really, and if this is the look you’re after then, by all means, give it a try! If you have straight roots/aren’t prone to frizz, this may well work a lot better for you! I’m not slating the company, in fact, I have no idea what other products they make, but this brush just didn’t do it for me. So, after my initial excitement, it turns out I’m no better off! Oh well, there’s always next time.


  • The rubber ended bristles reduce the risk of burning
  • Brushing my hair reduces tangles


  • The temperature going up and down randomly means it either won’t work or will potentially burn your hair off
  • It didn’t actually straighten my hair
  • I’d never go out looking like this


Do you have any hair straightening tricks? Let me know!


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