14 Thoughts I Had During My Driving Test

Or should I say tests?

For some reason, I can drive perfectly fine until someone says the word test, then I get anxious and lose my concentration completely. So you can imagine what I was actually like during the test. Spoiler alert: I didn’t pass. But I’m getting closer! For now, it’s on hold as the test centres are fully booked until I move back to London – so we will have to see what the future brings!

  1. I can do this.
  2. I can’t do this.
  3. What is he writing and why is it so intimidating?!
  4. Why did I just reverse around a corner in the fog and hail – that was never going to happen.
  5. He is definitely judging me. I can feel it.
  6. I am the worst driver in the history of the world.
  7. But, I see drivers much worse than me all the time, is there some secret to passing?
  9. I want a refund.
  10. If I act like I’ve got this maybe I can fool him.
  11. Maybe not.
  12. I wonder if he noticed I just hit the kerb.
  13. MaybeΒ thinking this much is what is causing me to drive so badly.
  14. Telling me some people never pass did not make me feel better, but thanks for trying.

Have you ever taken a driving test?

Cathy x



  1. I love this! I passed my driving test in the end in my own car, as going with my driving instructor made me feel so nervous and sick. The day of my driving test my mum was with me, I cried three times before I left my house, once while driving and then when I got to the test centre and parked, I cried again and knew I couldn’t do it. But I passed with two minors which I was so thrilled about!

    I highly recommend having your parents teach you instead of a driving instructor and if you can get your own car, even better



    1. I didn’t actually know this was an option so thanks for letting me know! That’s probably make me feel a lot more comfortable πŸ™‚ I think I’ll start again after uni so I’ll probably be able to get myself a car and get stuck in!


  2. By come miracle, I managed to pass first time! I’ve been driving since 1st June and I’m loving my new found independence! My driving test was so scary but I just had to keep as calm as possible and just really concentrate, I made a few little mistakes but I tried my best to forget about them and carry on and I managed to do it! Hopefully you’ll get there eventually! Xx


    1. Congratulations on passing! Yeah I know to pass I have to keep my head clear or it just won’t happen so I’m working on that in time for the next time πŸ™‚ thank you! xx


  3. I didn’t pass my driving test until the 4th attempt… which was funny because I drove poorly and made several mistakes. My 2nd test attempt was flawless except for one mistake… I scraped the curb while reverse parking so I was given a fail. In the end, so much of it comes down to how strict the examiners are : P


  4. Oh my days, I know exactly what you mean, I’ve passed mine and whenever I see the words ‘driving test’ I STILL get nervous πŸ˜‚ Great post and I can definitely relate xx


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