Summer to Autumn – Make Your Makeup Match the Weather | AD

I’m so excited to share a guest post with you today to help us all prepare for the autumn, which seems to be coming sooner than expected with the way our weather has been recently!

While the weather outside is changing from summer to fall, the world around us looks completely different. Bright, vibrant greens fade into rich, deep earthen tones. If Mother Nature is changing her look, who says you can’t? Changing your make up routine from summer to fall is as easy as 1,2,3.

1) Switch out your color pallet

As the colors outside gain a golden tint, as should your makeup bag. For a fall look that can’t fail, you’ll want to stick with eyeshadow in shades of gold, brown, and red, Pallets such as the Morphe 350S Nature Glow (available for about $23 at or the 24 color Matte & Glitter Smokey Urban from Urban Decay (available for $18 at can help you achieve an easy autumn look. In order to balance out this look, you’ll want to avoid bright colors on your lips or cheeks. Go for either a deeper berry or mauve lipstick, or opt for the “less is more” look and throw on a simple gloss or nude color. If you use blush, choose a lighter tone, such as a peach or bronze.

2) Protect your skin

During the summer, the heat can cause melting of creams or cream based makeup, as well as sweat causing cream makeup to cake and flake. Yucky. So as a result, many opt for powders in the summer, keeping them looking fresh and fabulous all day. As summer turns to fall and the weather gets colder, however, skin will often begin to dry out and chap. In order to avoid this, you’ll want to dive into the cream eyeshadow, cheek stain, and liquid lipstick as much as you can. Maybe even try out something like Evolution of Smooth  and their lip balm products for lips that feel – and taste! – great.

3) Be Bold

Many experts recommend using light makeup during the summer to prevent running, sweating, and clogging your pores. As the weather cools down, but isn’t yet the goosebumps inducing cold of winter, autumn is your chance to try out a bolder look. Whether it’s the ever popular smokey eye, a cat eye, or just a dark lipstick, let imagination be your guide in the time of year where the temperature is as close to perfect as it can be.

As you watch the leaves fall from the trees, don’t let your motivation fall with them. Grab your makeup, a brush, and a pumpkin spice latte and seize the day, you gorgeous creature!


Are you ready to say goodbye to summer?

– Cathy x


Disclaimer: this post has been kindly sponsored by Evolution of Smooth



  1. Great tips! I would like to experience what autumn is truly like since I live in Miami, FL and it’s pretty much summer here all year round. Not complaining, but it would be great to have some cool weather;)


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