Morphe 35O – Review & Swatches


I had to start this post with a picture of the palette. I’ve been wanting the 35O palette for literally months, but it’s a very popular one and has always been sold out. Well – I finally managed to get one and now I totally understand the hype.

As I’m writing this, the palette arrived yesterday and I couldn’t stop using it. I created (and shamelessly took selfies of) 3 looks last night and I’m incredibly impressed by the pigmentation and quality of all the colours.

I’ve done some swatches of each row from left to right so you can see how they show up on the skin:


As you can see, the colours are all pretty even in texture, but the shimmery shades are definitely a lot creamier. That said, the matte shades are still definitely worth the Β£0.62 each that I essentially paid for them!

The very first colour in the palette appears to be less pigmented, but that’s only because it matches my skin tone (yes, I am that pale). When I used it, it was so pigmented I was actually able to use it as a kind of eraser over the darker shades!

All in all, I would 100% recommend the palette and Morphe’s eyeshadows in general!

– Cathy



  1. I love this,i have the 350k palette which is pretty similar.I also like to use the lighter matte shades as a concealer/base for my lids before i put any colour on them.I love how creamy the shimmers are too x


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