BLOGMAS DAY 4: Blogosphere Christmas Event

I’m giving you this post on day 4 because I just couldn’t wait any longer! I went to my first blogger event last month and had such an amazing time. Because it was a Christmas market, I’ve included it for blogmas – and who isn’t obsessed with looking at products at this time of the year?

I bought my ticket for Β£10 in the summer, thinking if I decided not to go last minute it wouldn’t have been too much of a waste. After going, I realised it would have in fact been a huge waste – not of money but of the fab day I had and the amazing people I met.

I got to speak to a number of brands and they were all so enthustiastic and friendly! A picture speaks a thousand words, so I’ll show you some photos from the event:


I was actually lucky enough to win the prize draw and won ther advent calendar which I’m opening daily on my snapchat: overnightbelle

Have you ever been to a blogger event?

DAY 5: Southbank Winter Festival


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