BLOGMAS DAY 5: Southbank Winter Festival

I thought I’d stick with the theme of my blog and fit in a little lifestyle for Blogmas, and Southbank is a must-visit for anyone in the area at this time of year. I went yesterday and it was so beautiful.

I visited with my boyfriend, and there are many food huts as you walk around. He got a lamb & chip box which was apparently amazing – and I stuck to the dutch pancakes with nutella, because if there’s a chocolate option I’m having it. We also got cups of mulled cider which were £2 each – not bad for London prices!

Even though it was mainly food being sold, I did manage to pick up a Christmas present for my sister’s boyfriend from a fudge stand. That was £3 per 100g, and to be honest I don’t know how much fudge weighs but I paid £6 and was happy with the amount I got! The flavours ranged from bubblegum to Bailey’s or smarties so I got him a range of different ones and some for myself too!

There were a couple of rides and stalls selling gifts too, I didn’t buy anything from those but they were so cute and added to the whole Christmassy atmosphere. Along with the fairy lights, boats going down the Thames and buskers singing the area had such a good feeling and I’d definitely recommend going while the festival is still running!

BLOGMAS DAY 6: Terry’s Chocolate Orange Cookies


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