BLOGMAS DAY 9: The Best Beauty Gift Sets Under £40

If you have a bit more to spend and want to get someone a few related items, or if you want to make the most out of your money rather than buying one item – gift sets might just save you! They can be a great last minte buy that is still well presented and thoughtful.

In some cases, you actually save money buying a gift set, so you can essentially spend more money than you have on someone this year! I’ve created a list of 4 great beauty gift sets, from nail polish to men’s skin care below:

Gift Sets_118.jpg


Estee Lauder – Skincare Superstars (£40)

Starting off with the most expensive set on the list, although when comparing the price to the sum of the original items, you do get a good discount, so this would be a good buy!


Dove Men & Care Kit (£15)

Buying a gift set for men can take away all the stress of not knowing what to get for them. Some men don’t do sport or have a passion for music, so if hobby related presents are failing you, a skin care gift set is a safe bet.


Stila Liquid Lipstick Set (£32)If you’re buying someone a lipstick, it can be hard to know what colour they would like/would suit them the most. So, a lipstick set can take the confusion away and actually mean you’re getting them more for a discounted price.


Autograph Nail & Lip Set (£25)

Here’s one I’ve actually asked for myself. The contents is worth just nder £150 if you were to by each thing separately, so it’s definitely worth the £25 while it’s on sale.


Which is your favourite gift set?


Day 10: My Holiday OOTD


– Cathy


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