BLOGMAS DAY 11: Christmas on a Budget

If you’re anything like me, right now you’ll be more than ready to decorate your house for Christmas but not have enough money to carry out your plans – so, how can you decorate for cheap?



This year, we were lucky enough to have a tree handed down to us, but the type of tree got me thinking about a cheaper option for a christmas tree. It’s a pop-up tree, which isn’t only cheaper but it comes with all the lights and baubles attached which can save you some money. If you still wanted the fun of decorating like I did, you can buy cheap packets of baubles from Primark for Β£2.50 – not bad really!



This year I’m taking part in a Christmas card swap with other bloggers, and I can definitely say having the cards around my room has made it feel waaaaaay more festive. They’re one of the only ‘decorations’ I have but every time I get home to a new card it feels like Christmas day!



As I just mentioned, my bedroom isn’t all that festive – but it feels it because of my fairy lights. I say they aren’t ‘Christmas decorations’ because I have them all year round but if you don’t you totally should. The same goes for candles with festive scents.


How have you decorated for Christmas?


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