I’m so excited to introduce #GRLPOWR to you!

A bunch of lovely bloggers and I got chatting away on twitter, and I don’t think I’ve ever gotten on with so many girls! I’ve been feeling so much love and support from them that we thought we were in an incredible position to share that back out into the community!

We wanted something positive, something that relates to us and that we can be proud of. So, we created our own community! You can find us on Twitter and Instagram, where we’ll be featuring you! Just make sure we see your posts by adding #GRLPOWR – it’s as easy as that.

There will be twitter chats twice a week, on Tuesday at 9pm and Thursday at 8pm. These chats will run for an hour at least, but if everyone wants to carry on we’ll keep the questions coming!

We will also have ‘Supportive Sunday’ where you can tweet or DM us any questions, rants or worries and we will be a helping hand.

There are so many exciting things in the pipeline, so be sure to follow us!

Check out the girls involved below:

JODIE: TwitterBlog

LAUREN: TwitterBlog

MEG: TwitterBlog

TONI: TwitterBlog

LILY: TwitterBlog

EMILY: TwitterBlog

FRANCESCA: TwitterBlog

KATIE: TwitterBlog

LILY: TwitterBlog

JADE: TwitterBlog

ELLIE: TwitterBlog

ELOISE: TwitterBlog

JORDANNE: TwitterBlog

MELISSA: TwitterBlog

HANNAH: TwitterBlog

CHANTÈ: TwitterBlog

ANA: TwitterBlog

ASHLEY: TwitterBlog

EM: TwitterBlog

BECCA: TwitterBlog

SARAH: TwitterBlog

NUSHA: TwitterBlog

BECCA: TwitterBlog

EMMA: TwitterBlog

LAUREN: Twitter, Blog

And if you’d like to follow me on Twitter, mine is @OvernightBelle!